30 03, 2021

Oasis Capelli di Venere


Oasis Capelli di Venere DISCOVERING CILENTO The cascades of Capelli di Venere is one of the most fascinating and incredible place in all the cilentan territory. Is located [...]

Oasis Capelli di Venere2021-03-31T15:02:58+02:00
10 09, 2020

Velia Archeological Site (Ascea)


Velia Archeological Site (Ascea) DISCOVERING CILENTO A n archeological gem where you can visit the ruins of the ancient city, founded during the hellenistic and roman period. Highlights [...]

Velia Archeological Site (Ascea)2021-03-31T14:49:43+02:00
10 09, 2020



Scario DISCOVERING CILENTO Scario is a little italian village on the coast with a picture perfect city centre, filled with amazing restaurants, seaside boutiques. Not far from Scario [...]

10 09, 2020

Pianoro di Ciolandrea


Pianoro di Ciolandrea ALLA SCOPERTA DEL CILENTO Il tragitto porta alla scoperta di uno dei luoghi più belli del Cilento. Dopo una passeggiata si raggiunge San Giovanni a Piro [...]

Pianoro di Ciolandrea2021-03-31T15:05:46+02:00
10 09, 2020

Baia Infreschi


Baia Infreschi DISCOVERING CILENTO Baia degli Infreschi is a wild and fascinating natural area located within the Cilento national park. This bay is great for family and children and [...]

Baia Infreschi2021-03-31T15:14:38+02:00
10 09, 2020

Natural arch and Palinuro’ caves


Natural arch and Palinuro' caves DISCOVERING CILENTO The coast around Palinuro offers spectacular corners of paradise. The natural arch and the many caves are the most famous. The natural arch [...]

Natural arch and Palinuro’ caves2021-03-31T15:01:10+02:00
10 09, 2020



Maratea DISCOVERING CILENTO Called the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Maratea has one of the most suggestive views of the Golfo di Policastro with the iconic statue of Christ, [...]

9 09, 2020

Archeological Site of Paestum


Paestum DISCOVERING CILENTO Paestum, built by the Greeks in the sixth century and called Poseidonia, is an unique masterpiece. Tourists can visit sites such as the Temple of [...]

Archeological Site of Paestum2021-03-31T14:39:08+02:00
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